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nothing happens unless first we dream

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Birthdate:Feb 7
Location:California, United States of America

About Me
This journal is mostly my place for fannish writing. The greater percentage of those stories center around Supernatural. Sam/Dean is my OTP and a lot of the writing is about them. I especially like writing about them pre-series ----> underage incestuous slash - don't like, scroll by. I also dabble in Leverage, Good Omens, Pushing Daisies & Castle at the moment. You will find posts containg icons, art and original/experimental fiction ----> some of this for the [info]therealljidol on a weekly basis.

I am primarily a positive person working hard to keep my LJ space a happy experience. I squee and meme and on occasion bitch. Most personal stuff is friends only.

I love having new friends. If we haven’t talked or interacted, drop me a note. I don't auto friend back, the best way to let me know you're interested in being friends is to contact me here: loolookittydee @

"As we will soon see, problems can arise because users do not always have the same understanding of what it means to be friends on LiveJournal." from Hyperfriendship and Beyond: Friends and Social Norms on LiveJournal For clarification if we are friends, I expect that we would act much as we might in real life - taking an interest in each others' LJ lives, by commenting, conversing and supporting each other. In other words, we both need to pick up the phone. :) If that's not how you interact on LJ, you might be more comfortable using the "tracking" button, as only personal posts will remain locked.

NO WANK! I love to know what you think, and you have every right to disagree with me, but say it with respect. I intensely dislike back-stabbing, gossip and general bitchy drama. If I say something to piss you off – and I might, I tend to have a talent for doing that, I hope that you will e-mail me, loolookittydee @ and discuss it. Also, if you want to talk on a more personal basis, please feel free to use that e-mail.

Basically, let’s all act like adults here. It is always amnesty time here – friend or de-friend at will. Interests change and life happens, I won’t take it personally.


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